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Self Pay

Your self-pay package includes:

  • Surgeon fee, including initial consultation, personalized seminar and one year follow up
  • Hospital fee, including preoperative labs, EKG, Upper GI Series and postoperative Upper GI Series
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • BLIS insurance, complication insurance
  • Preoperative liquid diet
For the above self-pay package, our prices start at:

  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy: $15,400*
  • Adjustable Gastric Band: $15,001*
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: $18,900*
(*Prices are dependent upon your BMI-under 40, 40-49, and 50 and above)

Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.

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